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AKC Registered Pomeranian Puppies in Virginia

Application Form

You have decided to bring a wonderful Pomeranian into your family.

Here at "It's A Pom World Afterall" we require that anyone interested in purchasing one of our Poms please fill out an application form and include a description about yourself. If possible, please send along pictures of your current or past pets along with your completed application. Each and every Pomeranian puppy that is produced here is very special to me and I want to make sure I am placing these fur babies in the best homes possible as well as matching you with the right puppy. I'm not looking for a certain answer, so please just be honest in your application form.

Click HERE for Application Form

Click on the box below to view and download our sales contract prior to placing a deposit.
Our deposit of $500 (US dollars) is non-refundable. If you change your mind or back out of the sale after placing a deposit, you are forfeiting your deposit and the sale will be cancelled. You may switch your deposit over to another available puppy at breeder's approval. The only time your deposit is refundable is if breeder cancels the sale or if at puppy's vet check there is an unforseen life threatening illness diagnosed as written in the contract. Breeder reserves the right to refuse or cancel a sale at anytime and for any reason, in such a case deposit of $500 (US dollars) will be refunded in full within 30 days from cancellation date. Please make sure you read through and agree to all that is listed in the contract before placing a deposit or inquiring. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will be glad to answer them for you.

Bringing Your New Puppy Home

Our puppies leave our home at 8 weeks of age, sometimes up to 12 weeks for extra small puppies.

At this age, they've had plenty of time to learn from and bond with their litter mates.

This will give your new puppy the best start to life and be ready for their new world with you.

Each puppy is handled on a daily basis from birth to get them used to human interaction. 

Your puppy will be used to the normal household noises and different people, including children.

Please puppy-proof your house before bringing your fur baby home with you. 

Puppies are very curious and want to check out everything!

I would recommend that you keep your new puppy in a puppy exercise pen when you are not able

to keep a close eye on it that way you keep your little Pom safe and out of trouble.

I would include a bowl for water, food, a puppy training pad and plenty of toys.

It's very important to keep your new puppy away from other animals (unless vaccinated & healthy) until it has had it's full round of puppy vaccines. DO NOT TAKE YOUR NEW PUPPY TO PET STORES! 

It may be tempting to want to show off your new Pom to everyone at the pet stores and dog parks, but it's VERY important that you DO NOT do this until your puppy has had all of it's series of shots. There are lots of diseases and germs that could be lingering the floors of the pet stores and grounds of the dog parks and even on your shoes from going there without your puppy! Please be careful. 

Another place to be careful is your vet clinic. Do not put your puppy on the ground of the vet's office. Many sick animals walk in there each day and if your puppy is not fully vaccinated yet,

it's extremely dangerous for it to walk around on the floor, so please hold it or bring a carrier.


Pomeranian Size & Personality

We breed for the American Kennel Club standard sizes of 3 - 7lbs. fully grown. 

Each puppy will have their birth weights and their weekly weights listed,

along with their weekly photos, to give you a better idea of their estimate adult weights.

Pomeranians may be tiny in size, but they make up for it with their personality! 

They are very animated dogs with lots of spunk and attitude. They can also be very smart and quick at learning new things. Potty training can sometimes be difficult, but consistency is the key to successful potty training. Over all they are wonderful dogs that are very loyal and loving.


Spay or Neuter Agreement

We place all of our Poms on a spay/neuter contract to pet homes.

If you are requesting full registration with breeding rights, you will need approval.

For Limited Registration - Pet only puppies

  • The buyer understands that the puppy is NOT being sold for breeding.
  • The buyer agrees NOT to allow this dog to breed or to be bred before procedure.
  • Spaying and Neutering is to be done within 1 year of age.
  • Limited AKC papers will be released after proof of spay or neuter is received.


Showing & Breeding

For Full Registration - Breeding / Show homes
  • Full registration is an option for some puppies
  • Full registration may be at an additional fee
  • You must get breeder's approval for full AKC & breeding rights

Health Guarantee

Upon leaving our home your Pom puppy will be evaluated by our licensed veterinarian.

Puppies come de-wormed, up to date on shots and micro-chipped. We guarantee one year for life threatening congenital, hereditary, or genetic defects from your date of purchase.


All is listed in our contract for both parties to review, sign and keep for records.

Please see the link above to download the full contract.


Deposit & Payment

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $500 must be placed on the available puppy of your choice in order to hold it until it reaches 8 weeks of age and is ready to go home with you. I cannot hold a puppy without a deposit.

The balance will be paid in full by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old (if paying cash in person). If the puppy is not paid in full by the time the puppy reaches 8 weeks old, unless another agreement between buyer and breeder is made ahead of time, deposit will be kept and puppy will be for sale again. 

When paying the balance by using check or money order, all funds must be cleared, in my bank, before the puppy reaches 7 weeks old.

I agree to give a full refund of deposit and any other payments made, if the puppy’s vet check, at my vet, reveals any unforeseen life threatening illness or contagious disease. I will have 30 days to issue a refund from the vet check date or buyer may choose to move their deposit towards another available puppy I have at that time.

As a breeder, I reserve the right to refuse a sale at anytime and for any reason, in such a case a full refund of $500 (US dollars) deposit will be made within 30 days of cancellation.


Shipping Information

Please contact for more information.

Lifetime Support

I never want any of my puppies produced here end up at a shelter, therefore I offer a lifetime support

for all of my puppies. You can always contact me at anytime through out your Poms life if you have any

questions regarding your Pom. If you are ever unable to keep or care for your Pom, contact me and

I will take your Pom in and keep him or her as my own or find a suitable home that can provide the right

amount of love and care that is needed. Also It would mean so much to me for you to share the

special moments in your Pom's life with me and send photos as they get older!

And of course I'll always be here for any advice or questions you may have about your Pom along the way!


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